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Our mission is to CHANGE THE GAME AND present a NEW approach to Physical Therapy

Why the Current System Fails You .... 

Many healthcare providers are treating symptoms. When you treat symptoms, you're inherently throwing a bandaid on the root cause. Interventions such as surgery, medications, and injections as primary treatments to solving pain with first taking the necessary steps to find the root cause is a failing approach.

Conventional physical therapy frequently falls short of maximizing your results in order to maximize their revenue and thus sacrificing the quality care you deserve. Hence, you end up in a crowded clinic, on a table next to complete strangers, and most of your treatment is guided and performed by a PT Tech (not the professional you are paying to see).


At Evolve, our services aim to close the gap between healthcare and fitness realms enabling you to get better faster, have a better understanding of your condition, and to provide you withs superior results all while you are still able to maintain the active and healthy lifestyle that matters to you!

Our New Approach to Change the Game: 

Hybrid Physical Therapy: A blend of in-person sessions and online coaching designed to give you time back from attending weekly appointments and creates a clear direction for achieving your goals. 

How It Works ----

Step 1: Book a Free Consultation 

  • Click "Book Now" and find a time that works for you. You'll then fill out an inquiry form. This will tell us who you are, what you are looking for help with, your health history, and most importantly your goals. 

  • On the Consultation call, this will allow you to share your story, allow us to understand you better, and give us a clear idea of how we can help. This will also save us valuable time during the in-person evaluation. 

Step 2: Goal-Focused Evaluation

  • Each evaluation is 90 minutes full of a physical evaluation, functional movement assessment based on your needs, education on what you're dealing with, and treatment to get us started. 

Step 3: Development of Your Therapy Package

  • Each person is different; therefore, so is each treatment plan. 

  • Some people may need more in-person help, some people may want a fully digital option and everything in between. We will give you our professional opinion to allow you to best achieve the outcome you desire. 

  • From there, we'll customize the program to reach YOUR goals!

Dr. Blake Barbera

PT, DPT, Cert. DN

Blake Barbera is the owner and founder of Evolve Rehab & Recovery. He is a Thibodaux native who attended St. Genevieve Elementary and E.D. White Catholic High School prior to Nicholls State University, where he received a Bachelors of Science. He then graduated from University of St. Augustine with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2011. Since that time he has worked in a variety of outpatient clinics focusing on orthopedics and sports injuries with specialties in manual therapy, spinal manipulation, Graston technique, dry needling, and countless other treatment techniques.


He has a passion for helping people and truly believes that everyone deserves his full focus, attention, and direction. The inability to do that in traditional therapy clinics drove him to create Evolve Rehab & Recovery, which allows him to better serve the community that raised him and the community he now calls home again.


Outside of physical therapy, he enjoys being a fan to all sports, exercising in a variety of settings (traditional weight lifting & CrossFit), and playing golf.

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